Slight tweak in the mix

More sourdough

This time in a loaf tin.


Sourdough again

Upped the hydration to 70%. Fermentation at room temperature. Bigger rise.



The starter is rye based.

Mixed then fermented over night in the fridge. Three folds. Next day left to come to room temp.


Baked in a pre-heated pot at ca 250 C for 20 minutes. Removed lid and continued at ca 180 C for 40 minutes.

Next time:
- up hydration
- longer proofing at room temperature

New Sourdough Bread

200 g Semolina
300 g Farina 00
300 g Wasser
300 g Sourdough Starter
12 g Salt


Along the Via Agrippa

Location: Nettersheim Height: 469,8 Coordinates: 50,48 - 6,62

Location: Alsdorf Height: 174,9 Coordinates: 50,86 - 6,19

Cycling vacation

Now that we both have e-bike’s our driving radius got a lot bigger and the fun increased with it.

We also found out how much fun converted railway lines are. First stop is Bahntrassenradeln where German and also (some) European routes are listed with descriptions, maps, and gpx-trails.

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden

A Wuppertal mountaintop park filled with modern sculpture. Tony Cragg converted the Villa & park of Kurt Herberts into a permanent exhibition of his work.

Well worth going.

Location: Wuppertal
Height: 206,1 m
Coordinates: 51,2537 -7,1674

Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim

The bits still there were preserved in 18th century houses, now removed. The second pic is the Carolingian Aula Regia. Way cool.

Mainz in the rain

Location: Ingelheim am Rhein
Height: 129,7 m
Coordinates: 49,9783 -8,0728

Location: Mainz
Height: 86,8 m
Coordinates: 49,9994 -8,274

So, this didn’t work out so well. Due to Corona we were not able to see the exhibition “Säulen der Macht” in Mainz. But, will come back on Tuesday.

Today seems to be rain all the way. Yesterday we had long dry spells and used them for a short hike down the Brodenbach to Brodenbach on the Mosella.

Onion Jam

This years apricot jam

From about 2 kg of fruit. This should be enough for one year. We did strawberries earlier. And some jellies.


Some more salt

Mini vacation drawing to the close



Sunflowers & wine


Roman vineyard

Partially reconstructed Roman vineyard, 250 to 450 ac. Near Ungstein.

Klosterruine Seebach

Disused since the mid sixteenths century today only the central nave of the twelveth century church is recognisable. We had dinner in the abess‘ house, a restaurant for now 300 years.

Schloss Hardenburg

For some reason Napoleon didn’t like it