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Schloss Falkenlust, Brühl

Small hunting lodge of the Elector Clemens August, Archbishop of Cologne


Niehl, Alt St. Katharina


Hills‘n trees (and clouds)

Reconstructed Roman Mars Temple, Martberg, Mosella

Location: Pommern

Height: 272,3 m

Coordinates: 50,18 - 7,29

Location: Bad Kreuznach

Height: 104,9 m

Coordinates: 49,84 - 7,86

Hike with castles

Location: Bundenbach

Height: 318,1 m

Coordinates: 49,85 - 7,39

Location: Traben-Trarbach

Height: 154,9 m

Coordinates: 49,93 - 7,11


A walk in the hills and along a river

Cycling to Zons



Urban tree





First beer in a beer garden. Wonderful.

Hopefully this keeps.

Contact info to be left, go in and out with masks. Fewer places. Waiters wear masks and gloves.

Still, outside in the sun with a freshly drawn Kölsch.



Enough for a hedge


I like this one


Still another tree


And some more


More trees

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Sauce Remoulade

A new recipe, at least for me. Used it on fish (specifically rainbow trout) and as a burger sauce on the bottom bun.

200 g mayonnaise
20 g mustard (in my case, German medium hot)
20 g ketchup (in my case a Hela Currygewürz)
4 table spoons of chopped chives
1 bunch of chopped dill
4 table spoons (or thereabouts) of chopped cornichons
2 table spoons of capers

Mix well, leave to infuse in the fridge for about 2 hours +

#remoulade #recipe