Another one


Method Update

Started the autolyse with about 10 minutes worth of kneading and then let rest for about an hour while the sourdough did its thing.


Hiking the Ehrbachklamm

Schloß Schöneck to Brodenbach

Location: Ehrbachklamm
Height: 178,2
Coordinates: 50,18 - 7,48

Hiking in the Rhinevalley

Two different castles, Reichenstein and Rheinstein.

We also crossed 50 degrees north twice.

50 degrees north

Location: Trechtingshausen
Height: 79,6
Coordinates: 50 - 7,86

Location: Trechtingshausen
Height: 203,7
Coordinates: 49,99 - 7,86

Cycling Trip Saturday

We drove East to the Rhine, then followed it downriver, skipping some of the bends. Worringen, Zons, … until we hit the mouth of the river Erft. Wie followed the Eft upwards, going West. We left the Erft in Allerheiligen and turned south towards Knechtsteden Abey, then Home via the Chorbusch.

Sunny day, though not warm. Just short of 60 km.

The mighty River ErftErft & Rhine

Sourdough Method Update

While the starter did it’s thing I mixed the flour (250g Semola, 250g Double Zero) with the water (350g) and kneaded until the gluten developed.

When the starter was ready, it was united with the rest of the dough and let to rest for about 30 minutes. Then I put the salt in and let the dough proof.

Result: more open crumb

Original Recipe


Sourdough, this time a darker bake

Slight tweak in the mix

More sourdough

This time in a loaf tin.


Sourdough again

Upped the hydration to 70%. Fermentation at room temperature. Bigger rise.



The starter is rye based.

Mixed then fermented over night in the fridge. Three folds. Next day left to come to room temp.


Baked in a pre-heated pot at ca 250 C for 20 minutes. Removed lid and continued at ca 180 C for 40 minutes.

Next time:
- up hydration
- longer proofing at room temperature


New Sourdough Bread

200 g Semolina
300 g Farina 00
300 g Wasser
300 g Sourdough Starter
12 g Salt


Along the Via Agrippa

Location: Nettersheim
Height: 469,8
Coordinates: 50,48 - 6,62

Location: Alsdorf
Height: 174,9
Coordinates: 50,86 - 6,19

Cycling vacation

Now that we both have e-bike’s our driving radius got a lot bigger and the fun increased with it.

We also found out how much fun converted railway lines are. First stop is Bahntrassenradeln where German and also (some) European routes are listed with descriptions, maps, and gpx-trails.

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden

A Wuppertal mountaintop park filled with modern sculpture. Tony Cragg converted the Villa & park of Kurt Herberts into a permanent exhibition of his work.

Well worth going.

Location: Wuppertal
Height: 206,1 m
Coordinates: 51,2537 -7,1674

Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim

The bits still there were preserved in 18th century houses, now removed. The second pic is the Carolingian Aula Regia. Way cool.

Mainz in the rain

Location: Ingelheim am Rhein
Height: 129,7 m
Coordinates: 49,9783 -8,0728