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Quite chuffed

… and the year isn’t quite over yet …



Red Cabbage

Just so I remember:

Fry onions and apples in, preferably, goose fat. Add Preiselbeeren (Lingonberries). Add red cabbage. Season with salt, pepper, all spice, cloves, cinnamon. Add vinegar and red wine.


Schloss Eicherhof

Schloss Eicherhof

Crossed the Rhine with the ferry at Langel and then up to Leichlingen in the Bergischen Land. Couldn’t get close to the Schloss, closed due to covid.

After lunch in the sun we went back the way we came.



Location: Leichlingen (Rheinland) (Schloss Eicherhof)
Height: 59,8
Coordinates: 51,11 - 7,01


If Brexit has done one thing it has cured me of Anglophilia.

There is now no chance of me going back to visit the UK. Perhaps, eventually, maybe, I’ll visit an independent Scotland. But otherwise, as my child no 2 would say, hard no.

Ready for Christmas


Good day

  • 40 km cycling trip with my wife, got home just before the rain
  • made 21 Rouladen with the daughter for Christmas
  • sourdough in the fridge ready for baking tomorrow


Schlösser Cycling Tours

On our hunt for nice cycling tours we found a list on listing all the Schlösser 1in the Rhineland 2, there is even an IOS App, which shows the distance 3 from your current position.

As our e-bikes have increased our reach, the list of Schlösser provides easy inspiration.

Completed Tours

Still to come

  • Schloss Hülchrath, Hülchrath, previously visited, 16 km
  • Altes Schloss, Grevenbroich, 18 km
  • Schloss Türnich, Türnich, previously visited, 19 km
  • Schloss Gymnich, Gymnich, previously visited, 21 km
  • Schloss Strauweiler, Odenthal, 21 km
  • Burg Bergerhausen, Bergerhausen, 22 km
  • Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl, previously visited, 23 km
  • Schloss Dyck, Jüchen, previously visited, 23 km
  • Hotel Dycker Weinhaus, Jüchen, 23 km
  • Hofgarten, Düsseldorf, previously visited, 23 km
  • Schloss Jägerhof, Düsseldorf, 23 km
  • Schloss Gracht, Liblar, 24 km
  • Schloss Falkenlust, Brühl, previously visited, 24 km
  • Bezirksregierung, Düsseldorf, 24 km
  • Schloss Bensberg, Bensberg, previously visited, 25 km
  • Schloss Liedberg, Liedberg, 25 km
  • Schloss Buschfeld, Bliesheim, 25 km
  • Schloss Wahn, Wahn, 26 km
  • Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath, 29 km
  • Schloss Rösberg, Rösberg, 29 km
  • Schloss Bornheim, Bornheim, 31 km
  • Schloss Rankenberg, Dersdorf, 31 km
  • Schloss Georgshausen, Hommerich, 32 km
  • Schloss Auel, Wahlscheid, 34 km
  • Schloss Alfter, Alfter, 34 km
  • Schloss Ehreshoven, Engelskirchen, previously visited, 37 km
  • Schloss Hardenberg, Velbert, 38 km
  • Bonner Schloss, Bonn, previously visited, 38 km
  • Schloss Heiligenhoven, Heiligenhoven, 38 km
  • Schloss Poppelsdorf, Poppelsdorf, 38 km
  • Poppelsdorfer Schloss, Bonn, 38 km
  • Schloss Hückeswagen, Hückeswagen, 39 km
  • Schloss Miel, Miel, 40 km
  • Kommende Ramersdorf, Beuel, 41 km
  • Wasserschloss Müttinghoven, Müttinghoven, 42 km
  • Schloss Gimborn, Gimborn, 46 km
  • Schloss Drachenburg, Königswinter, previously visited, 48 km
  • Stiftung Naturschutzgeschichte, Königswinter, 48 km
  • Schloss Merten, Merten, 50 km
  • Schloss Homburg, Nümbrecht, previously visited, 52 km
  • Burg Blankenheim, Blankenheim, previously visited, 66 km
  • Wasserschloss Crottorf, Friesenhagen, 69 km
  • Der Kappelenweg, Wissen, 70 km

I guess this will keep us busy. Also there are castles, abbeys, stately homes, mills, …


  1. Schloss as in „palace“, representative (fortified) place of residence [return]
  2. Rhineland as in the Rhine bit of Northrhein-Westphalia. Basically from slightly south of Bonn to where the Rhine crosses into The Netherlands [return]
  3. as the crow flies [return]

Upped the volume


Another tour, another Schloss

Today we took the Zons ferry and cycled on to Schloss Benrath

Again, only 20 km from home.


Location: Düsseldorf (Schloss Benrath)
Height: 40,3
Coordinates: 51,16 - 6,87

Tree is up

As per family tradition we put up the tree on the fourth Advent.

They keep on eating them


Cycling to Schloss Frens

Another Schloss, again within 20 km from home.

Renessaince (Dutch style) architecture. Not open to the public.


Location: Bergheim (Schloss Frens)
Height: 71,2
Coordinates: 50,93 - 6,7

There seem to be quite a few of them

A cycling trip to Schloss (Museum) Morsbroich. Ca 20 km from home on the other side of the Rhine.

Thankfully the cycling path on the Leverkusener Brücke is still open. (The bridge is going to be replaced).


Can’t stop


Cycling to Schloss Loersfeld


Location: Kerpen (Schloss Loersfeld)
Height: 76,6
Coordinates: 50,89 - 6,7


Yesterday’s sourdough was quite successful, so successful that I had to make another one.

Did it again


More sourdough