Location: Mainz
Height: 86,8 m
Coordinates: 49,9994 -8,274

So, this didn’t work out so well. Due to Corona we were not able to see the exhibition “Säulen der Macht” in Mainz. But, will come back on Tuesday.

Today seems to be rain all the way. Yesterday we had long dry spells and used them for a short hike down the Brodenbach to Brodenbach on the Mosella.

Onion Jam

This years apricot jam

From about 2 kg of fruit. This should be enough for one year. We did strawberries earlier. And some jellies.


Some more salt

Mini vacation drawing to the close



Sunflowers & wine


Roman vineyard

Partially reconstructed Roman vineyard, 250 to 450 ac. Near Ungstein.

Klosterruine Seebach

Disused since the mid sixteenths century today only the central nave of the twelveth century church is recognisable. We had dinner in the abess‘ house, a restaurant for now 300 years.

Schloss Hardenburg

For some reason Napoleon didn’t like it

Hambacher Schloss

Since the Hambacher Fest in 1832 a symbol of democracy and unity. #hambacherschloss #hambacherfest

Limburg Abbey

Cornerstone set by Konrad II in 1025, Benedictine Abbey

View from the top

Roman Quarry - Kriemhildenstuhl

Excavated in the late 30ies, coloured sandstone

Some more salt

Wooden railings

Spruce, polished by hundreds of hands

Gradierbau Saline Bad Dürkheim

Dripping for your lungs

Location: Bad Dürkheim

Height: 116 m

Coordinates: 49,47 - 8,17

Grande Allee connecting Schloss Augustusburg and Schloss Falkenlust

Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl

Summer residence of the Elector of Cologne

#augustusburg #brühl

Haus Arff

Small, baroque, moatless. Not too far from home.

Snails under water

Seem to like it though

#garden #water #snail

Schloss Türnich - one more


Schloss Türnich

A baroque moated castle, also a nice cafe